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App development tools: 2021 Recommended Tools for Developing Smartphone Apps

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App development tools: This is a collection of tools that allow you to develop “smartphone apps” without programming. There are many tools that can be easily introduced without knowledge of application development, so it is especially recommended for beginners.

This is a must-see for anyone who wants to make a smartphone app!

Did you know that there are tools that allow you to develop smartphone apps without programming yourself?

You can easily develop smartphone apps by using the tools introduced this time.

This is a must-see especially for those who thought “I wanted to develop an app but the hurdles are high”.

Of course, not everything may be the app you envision, but you’ll feel the joy of getting your ideas into shape.

If you have never developed a smartphone app, please give it a try.

1.    Monaca

Monaca is one of the most popular tools in app development.

You can develop apps based on the basic knowledge of HTML / CSS and PHP.

If you want to make a trial app, you can use it for free, so please give it a try.

There is a charge for business plans, but it’s a good idea to know that it’s easy to implement.

Events using Monaca are also held, so you may get an image if you participate.

Rate plan

Both plans offer a 14-day free trial.

Pro plan (2,000 yen / month for 1 user)

This plan is suitable for personal use.

  • Cloud development
  • Local development
  • Real machine debugging
  • Custom plugin

Business plan (1 user 45$ / month + basic charge 20 $ / month)

This plan is suitable for development by a team of multiple people.

  • Team development
  • encryption
  • Secure storage

There is also a large-scale Enterprise plan.

2.    Yappli

It is a recommended tool for full-scale application development.

It is a service that acts on behalf of application development.

The Yappli staff will check the requirements and carry out everything from planning proposals to production, so it will be a very high degree of perfection.

The usage fee will be proposed based on the requirements confirmed for each customer.

An operating company that has a physical store such as a stamp card function and iBeacon push function will be a good tool.

The feature is that it can be operated in earnest.

Rate plan

Propose a rate plan according to the customer’s request

  • App planning proposal
  • UI / UX design
  • App production
  • Store application support (iOS / Android)
  • Operation management
  • Server operation and maintenance

3.    Appypie

appypie is a tool that allows you to develop Android and iPhone apps at a low price.

Even beginners should be able to use it with confidence because they can create apps from various app templates without programming knowledge.

How about making a simple app?

4.    SmartAppsMobile

With SmartAppsMobile, you can create smartphone apps that can manage stamp card functions and coupon functions.

It is a tool that can be used only on the Web version. If you also use the app version, you can use it with an operating cost starting from 72$ per month.

Rate plan

Light plan (72$ / month)

  • Basic functions (telephone, map display, photo display, web link, form)
  • Social features
  • Video / audio function

Standard plan (10$ / month)

  • App Store application agency
  • App icon production
  • Push notifications (unlimited)
  • Catalog function
  • Coupon / stamp card
  • Photo posting
  • Dedicated management screen

Customized plan ($180)

  • Linkage with existing database
  • iBeacon compatible

5.    AppGyver

AppArchitect is an app development tool that allows you to build a UI by dragging and dropping.

Since it is an overseas tool, it will be developed in English, but it will be easy to create because it has navigation and objects.

You can develop your own original app without programming, so it is a must-see for those who want to easily create an app.

It’s free for developers with sales of less than $ 10 million.

6.    GameSalad

GameSalad is a well-known game app development tool.

Since it is possible to develop from simple games to full-scale games, it is a tool that is actually often used overseas.

Many people would like to make a game app, so please download it.

With so many features, even beginners should be able to create games that people will want to show off!


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