Recommended Super Convenient Android Apps for 2021

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Convenient Android Apps “Finding a good app” is fun, isn’t it? I’m super excited when I find an app that may realize the detailed settings I intended!

So, in this article, I’ve been using Android for almost a year, and I’m introducing the best apps that are really useful and useful.

Since I introduce only the ones that I have been using for a long time in my own words, I think that “originality” that is comparable to other articles should be strong …!

The content mainly consists of three groups.

A system that can be conveniently used in daily life:

The standard ones are carefully selected for their simplicity and specific functions.

Customized app for those who want to use Android crunchy:

The main part of this article. “Nobody knows” things are gathered here.


It’s a game. I’m an ultra-super berry extreme anti-social game, so I’m not going to introduce such a game.

Let’s get started!

A system that can be conveniently used in daily life

v Lock the screen as it is (Paid)

An app that can disable all touch operations while turning on the screen.

  • It’s annoying because my hands touch the screen when watching a video in full screen
  • You have to be careful not to touch the screen while walking while looking at the map

And Surprisingly, there are many scenes that this app solves.

There are various triggers to lock, but the most convenient one is “Shake”. I’m shaking. This function, which can be effective instantly with one hand without delay at any time, is quite good! Of course, you can also adjust the sensitivity.

There are various other setting items, but this is enough. There are no harmful effects that occur if you put it in, so be sure to install it (however, if you are not aware of it, you often forget the existence of this app lol).

There is also a high-sense function that can be linked as a Tasker plug-in (for a fee).

Differences from the main paid versionü  Security can be set when unlocking

ü  Tasker plug-in can be used for cooperation

Paid version price5$, 10$, 20$, 25$, 50$ (etc.)


v Sleipnir (paid)

Browsers have taken a daunting amount of time to get here.

I think it’s a browser name that many people haven’t heard of, but it’s quite famous as a long-established PC browser, and it has a lot of fans because of its various setting items.

And in the smartphone browser world, it’s a wonderful deck that stands out by one or two heads. The reason why I am particular about Sleipnir is explained in detail in the following article, so please do not miss it. That’s the second biggest reason I want to use Android. No. 1 is of course Tasker (described later).

It has the potential to be thoroughly customized so that it is easy to work with, has few steps, and is easy to use, but it does not have the display corruption and rendering problems that are common in browsers. I haven’t had any problems in practical use (rendering engine is usually Web View).

I’ve never met a better browser than this (in the smartphone world). I will never use anything else in the future.

Have you ever thought, “Chrome has a tab switch button on the top and it’s hard to use”?

If you’re that type of person, it’s definitely worth the trip to find a browser. If you are using Android, you have to touch such an app! Well, with Sleipnir, the journey ends in an instant!

Differences from the main paid versionü  The design can be changed to black.

ü  The default search engine can be changed to Google.

Paid version price6$

v Twidere for Twitter (paid)

I was wondering whether to introduce the SNS client, but I will post it lightly considering various things.

This is because what you should recommend depends on the person’s SNS usage status.

  • People who have multiple accounts on one SNS
  • People who want to use many types of SNS as integrated clients
  • People who are the main callers / people who only need to be able to browse etc.

The Twitter client tried quite a few, paying for it, but I fell in love with the ability to see all of multiple accounts on one integrated timeline.

In addition to that, it is an app that has become “Oh!” For the first time in a long time, such as a highly customizable design, a user interface that is intuitively easy to use, and other detailed settings.

In addition to supporting functions that seem to be essential, such as displaying the absolute time of tweets, chronological timeline, and moving to old tweets after reading the gap, it is also possible to disguise the API arbitrarily. You look amazing. I want to be certified as a
good app !

I’m happy that my life has changed a lot because it’s an app that I use most often in the top three.

Differences from the main paid versionü  Data synchronization such as drafts

ü  Tweet reservation function

ü  Search and sharing of GIF videos are possible

ü  Other functions including these can be used free of charge by intentionally turning on advertisements

Paid version priceFrom 2$

Convenient Android Apps

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