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How to create apps for iOS or Android from scratch as a complete beginner without programming skills

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How to create apps from scratch

  • Material search
  • Choose a direction
  • Event handling: the main thing
  • Various actions
  • We are going to a more complex level
  • Work on artificial intelligence
  • We use a network
  • Development without learning to program
  • Functional services

The path to software development is not easy, but if you are interested in creating an iOS and Android app, you need to start somewhere. But let’s say there’s no desire to learn programming languages, but I want to go straight to creating a finished product. Is it possible? Yes, and how! First, we will look at creating a brand new iOS app (or on Android).


Material search

To create a good game, many seek help. They are helpful for gradual learning and understanding the basics, but for complex projects, this is not enough. Thus, a person must have the skills to solve the problems that arise. And that only comes with experience, and leadership, unfortunately, won’t help here. The best answer to the question “How to create an application for iOS 9” (or on “Android”) is to start working on it. And here’s how the process went, and let’s see.

Choose a direction

Many people recommend that you don’t start with big projects like MMOs, 3D FPS, and so on. The argument is that many leave their development without completing it. It is therefore recommended to start with small projects. But at the same time, you can hear the thought that it is necessary to define an idea and begin to embody it. Let the person take a year or more, but in the end, they will do whatever it takes. However, it is necessary to weigh and understand all the risks because even a small mistake, in the beginning, can be a significant problem if already in the final stage of project creation. It is necessary to elaborate on the current theoretical issues in a quality, well-balanced, and meticulous way.

For ease of operation, one large project can be divided into a large number of small ones. But once one module is completed, it needs to be linked to existing developments.

Event handling: the main thing

When the job starts, you need to tackle the easiest, where you don’t have to worry about the presence of complex algorithms or artificial intelligence. At the same time, you should make an effort to understand the basic principles of game architecture and logic. In this case, the optimum would be something that could be based step by step.

Considering how to create apps for iOS from scratch, you can’t miss the aforementioned tip: start with the backbone of the app. Separate details will be easy to complete in the final stage.

Various actions

The most commonly used movements, collisions, synchronization, and animation. In addition to them, game cycles, calculation points, determining the state of victory or defeat, as well as other critical basic terms used in many applications are of great importance. It is therefore recommended to start with collision detection, transitions between levels, creating minimal logic, primitive artificial intelligence, and so on. You can also try to split the program into two or three files to get the best result in terms of optimizing the resources used. At the same time, it is advisable to try to keep everything in a practical sense, and the application did not turn out too big.

We are going to a more complex level.


Before this stage, a person should already understand and know how to create an app for iOS or “Android.” It provides a well-developed architecture, which requires the use of planning. So, it is often necessary to have advanced physics (for example, recognizing the collisions of different objects and different types of surfaces). This is necessary to make the applications (in this case, games) more realistic.

Just remember Super Mario – gravity and inertia are made in it to create a sense of their actual presence. As a serious task for the brain, you can consider such a game as billiards.

If you want to create programs for useful activities, you need to consider other features. These include the accuracy of the data processed and stored and the formulas used, the correctness of all roads; stability of application; optimal use of available resources, and so on. Returning to the topic of games, we note that, in this case, level editors will be able to show a good result, which will simplify the writing of complex events.

Work on artificial intelligence


The success of modern games lies in their principle of interaction of several people. But the presence of artificial intelligence allows you to make a number of interesting aspects so that they do not completely ignore it, but use it as a good addition.

Certain algorithms are often used to simplify the execution of tasks. Of course, this, as a rule, requires a good understanding of mathematics, but thanks to the Internet you will be able to understand almost everything, without basic knowledge. Algorithms are also useful for interacting on different complexities of the game process. In applications, artificial intelligence can analyze user actions and suggest optimal options.

We use a network

Given the question of how to create apps for iOS or “Android,” it should be said that adding the Internet dramatically complicates the task. For example, you need to ensure that the actions of one player are passed on to others. For this, as a rule, the server is used as an intermediary. The better done, the more reliable the development will be. But with that increase and load.

For applications where network latency and packet loss has a negative impact, you will need to develop everything to the maximum optimally. First of all, these are programs that exchange large amounts of data. In order to understand the working mechanisms, it is recommended to use local hosts and small programs that transmit small amounts of information (for example, chats). In addition, due to the nature of the protocols used, it is often necessary to choose speed and reliability.

Development without learning to program

This is especially important in cases where you need to quickly create a small program for a site with simple functionality. However, this can be resorted to by experienced web developers as well. Special services come to the rescue. Everything can be combined under the slogan “Easy, cheap, and fast!”

As examples, we present the following services: AppsGeyser, TheAppBuilder, Appsmakerstore, Biznessapps, My-apps.com, iBuildApp, Viziapps, AppMakr, Mobile Roadie, and AppsBuilder. Each having their own unique features and functions.

You also have to understand that almost everyone is paid. And the free versions do not have extensive functionality. If we consider their general scheme, then we can say that they reflect the idea of ​​the level editors we considered earlier. But in this case, they cover a very wide field of action. Here, answering the question of how to create an app for iOS without programming skills, you also have to take care that you have to pay for this luxury and a fairly large amount. Such servers are foreign or oriented primarily to foreign users. So the price of their services will range from 10 to several hundred dollars for a month of use. Time is money. It will be necessary to ensure maximum utilization of the displayed features.

Functional services

So we looked at how to create apps for iOS and Android. We will now turn our attention to their existing functionality. If we divide it into categories, we will have the following:

  1. Focused on working with content. Such services help to gather information from the site and combine it into a single application. An example is AppsGeyser. In this case, you can not only collect data but also place ads in applications.
  2. Shareware services that allow you to create applications for sports, education, music, etc. Using templates and constructors. True, there will be advertising, which can be disabled for a certain amount. In the case of TheAppBuilder, it would cost $ 5.
  3. Paid constructor services allow you to create applications for business lines. As their functionality, a shopping cart, geolocation, posting information about available products and services, upcoming events and promotions, and so on are provided. As an example, we can cite the Biznessapps mentioned above service, but the prices on it bite as they start at $ 29.
  4. Creating applications is free. Money needs to be published in the store (for example, on the Google Play Market). An example is BuildFire. True, its peculiarity is that here you only need to pay once a month. The amount, in this case, is $ 49.

There are basically two options for creating apps for iOS and for “Android”. Which one to choose in the end is up to the user to decide.



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