The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]

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The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]

We know in advance how helpful concept maps are because they work effectively to learn, store and remember concepts. In the beginning, it was a tool that students used to summarize significant texts and express them graphically. Today it is used in many areas, like business, healthcare, and even digital marketing. Whether it uses the best programs to create concept maps can help you express your knowledge better and easier.

If creating mind or mind maps is your strength, enjoy these programs and create miracles. 

– XMind

  • xmind

It is a program used to create mind and concept maps. Its latest version is from 2016 under code V3.7.2, the winner of the EclipseOn award in 2008. But not only is it used for this purpose, but it can receive audio notes, music, attachments, and links to use in diagrams, charts, and maps; and best of all, you can share and export the map you create to a variety of formats. It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows in up to 9 languages, including Spanish, English, and even traditional Korean. You can manage through tabs and enter with a friendly and straightforward interface.

– SmartDraw

As before, this program is used to creating mind maps, concept maps, diagrams, flowcharts, organizational charts, and even housing plans. It’s a potent tool that you can make the most of with some time and dedication. The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]You can do miracles through it. You will receive it for free during the trial period, but you will need to purchase it to continue using it. It costs about $ 6 a month. Its latest version was released in 2018 and was valid for Microsoft Windows in English.


It is very easy to use as the program has over 4,000 templates, some simple, some heavy but will organize the information you enter. Place the desired order, and your card is ready; it is compatible with Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

– Creately

You no longer have to do your job alone. Creately is an application for the creation of spiritual and conceptual maps, as well as diagrams and charts, where the ideology, less is more, It is to maintain the simplicity of the schemes without losing the essence and purpose of the system; Its interface is a canvas that you can start by adding your own email. In addition, you can request expert collaboration in real-time. This application was created by Creately in 2008 and comes in two versions; web version and application version. It stores about 1,000 templates, all created by experts. Your master plan is free, where you plan your projects and develop all your ideas, available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

  • The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]

– Canva

Creating concept maps with templates is getting easier!

It is a web program developed through the applications of millions of users, which in many parts of the world is considered the main web program for logo creation, image customization, mind and concept maps, diagrams, charts, infographics. You can even create a family Christmas card. It has default templates for each mention, from the logo to the creation of stories on social networks. Its images can carry movement, sound and save in different extensions.

  • The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]

The main version is through the official website, which is free and can be accessed through Gmail or continue with your Facebook account. Otherwise, you can create an account; It has a PRO version that gives you access to additional content such as images, elements, and other templates; and finally, there is a version of the application. It is an ideal tool for teamwork, as it allows you to share information with other members. It has an app for iOs, and you can use it on any operating system.


– GoConqr

This web program is compatible with Android and iOS. With it, you can make any type of schemes, textbooks, different types of maps. You can connect with students and teachers to share information through links via the “Share link” option. Your master plan is free. However, your procedures will be published. It also has a Premium version, where your procedures are private, and you have more space in the cloud.

In this program, creating a mind map is very easy. You need to click on the ‘Create’ button from the menu at the top of the screen. It will be created automatically and saved in the “Unspecified” folder.

  • The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]

– Coggle

If you want something quick and easy to create mind maps, this program is for you.

In it, you can make your own imaginary or conceptual map design, as well as other diagrams, but it allows you to edit, delete and even print it. Coggle has a free version that will enable you to have only three private schemes; Premium, which costs $ 5 per month, offers a variety of options such as more usable items, more templates, and schemes. It is available for the Windows operating system, in addition to Android and iOs.

  • The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]

– Lucidchart

The features of this web program are multiple and also free. With this mind map web developer, you can conveniently add color, font, and line styles to your preference; it encourages real-time collaboration and teamwork, facilitating the discussion of ideas and speeding up decision-making on changes to be made.


It has many templates and does not need to be downloaded. Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Create and share online with Lucidchart. It also has its premium version in three categories, such as a separate price of $ 7.95, a join (at least three users) worth $ 6.67 per user per month, and you must contact them to receive a corporate offer.

  • The best programs for creating concepts and mind maps [FREE]

Keep in mind that in addition to these web programs, you can also use Microsoft Office to create concept maps on your computer using either the word processor Word, the presentation developer Power Point, or the basic design program Publisher; let your imagination flow and do it to your liking, adding personal qualities such as how each person learns.

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