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What Is Hosted Software

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One thing you’ve heard lately is the phrase “hosted software.” What exactly does that mean? How is this different from regular programs? This article will attempt to explain hosted software and some of its benefits over traditional ready-to-use software.

Production of traditional software

You should start by explaining how shelf software regularly arrives on your computer. Early programmers write code. This becomes a CD, which you can use to install the software. This CD is repeated and processed in a large factory. Outdated software is sent to multiple stores on a distribution network. Once in the store, you can go buy the program and take it home or work. The software must be installed on the computer. Finally, with the installation of the software, you can start using it. Usually, we don’t think about the steps that occur before the program arrives at the store, but each of these steps is very expensive. These costs must be paid, by you, when you buy the software on the shelf.

Most of the things you buy are physical and you should use a similar process. A new shirt must go from the cotton floor to the factory, to the shop, and all the steps between them. On the other hand, with changing software things is a lot. We are no longer bound by physical restrictions. Thanks to digital information from the Internet, such as e-mail and software, it can circulate freely.

Production of hosted programs

The hosted program starts the same way, with programmers writing code. Instead of creating a production CD, the program is installed directly on a server. A server is a computer that receives a specific task, such as running a website, or in this case, it runs a program for you. Just as you use a website, you can now use a program that runs on the server. Therefore, the hosted software is simply software that works on a private server that you use from your computer.

Better understand, understanding how computer programs work will help. The part of the program you see and use is called the user interface. Think of it as a steering wheel and pedals to a car. There is a lot to the car under your hood that makes it work, but the pedals and wheels are what you use to drive the car. The program has more pedals and like that, but serves the same function. The user interface will take your input and use the data and logic of the program to do the work for you. For example, you can multiply “two-and-two” in the user interface of a calculator. Then you will use the data software and your logic to tell you that the answer is “4.” You can enter “Oprius” on behalf of your company into the address book program, and then the program will use its data logic to store that information.

Software on the computer

The software you buy in the store contains both the user interface and the data logic that runs on your computer. This works well until your computer has problems and all valuable data is lost. The hosted show works a little differently.

Using your web browser (like Internet Explorer), the user interface still works from your computer. The difference is that instead of the user interface talking to the data logic in your computer, you can talk to it on the hosted program site. This information is sent over the Internet and is often encrypted to prevent unwanted people from accessing your data.


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