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Best Android Apps – 5 Useful Apps for Android-Based Smartphones

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As an operating system for smartphones, Android is a major competitor of mobile devices based on BlackBerry and iPhones. This Google-owned mobile platform is used for its smartphones by reputable phone manufacturers such as Samsung, Dell, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. By mid-2010 Android has a 25% share of the US smartphone market. Since then, that figure has increased, and in May 2010 it was reported that 400,000 new Android smartphones are running every day.

To support the growing market, Android has developed a variety of free Android payments and apps for Google and other mobile software manufacturers. They can download them directly from your phone to install them. Once downloads are complete, devices will be installed immediately on your phone. On the other hand, if they want to reduce data bills, they can download them from your computer or laptop, then click on your Android phone using apps like Astro download manager. Here are some of the best Android apps you can get for your smartphone:

1. Google Docs

This is one of the best apps for Android mobile phones because they make it easy for you to check and store your documents. Google Docs lets you sync your phone with documents in your Google account. As a result, you can get your documents for free and set them up from your smartphone.

2. EzPDF reader

Although this is not an official PDF reader (Adobe will be official), this application is suitable for download and use. While applying this application is basically the same as an adobe PDF reader, pdf reader may be better for a new user’s fad because it’s easier to use.

3. Astro File Manager

In addition to being able to easily install apps on Android phones, Astro File Manager has more useful features. This file manager also works as a file manager and is dedicated to files. Astro File Manager Zip and Rare can release or create files and link them to your email. If you’re afraid to lose valuable information from your tool, they can use a nat backup file that supports that app from your phone to connect your reminder and data card. With Astronomical File Manager, you can confirm how your Android operating system works.

4. 2.0.

It’s a very cold Android device. My rating comes 2.0 pointless errors 1.0. With this app, you can convert your smartphone to remote control and use it for your PC. My 2.0 allows you to take control of your PC when you restart good media, such as music and movie. In addition to working as a remote control, this device will occasionally help your present goals and approaches. Another feature of this updated version of my guess is that this feed can turn your phone into a Wi-Fi pad.

5th vote from Google

This device is suitable for professional purposes. Google Voice lets you know when a message comes in. Also copy messages from voice messages. This Android device is highly recommended for businesses and businesses.


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