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5 Android App Development Success Mantras to Remember

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The Google Play Store rules for top app downloads and it is common for app developers to do projects only using the platform. We bring the Android 5 app to develop a mantra of success to remember.

Know it in your market

While the largest number of mobile app downloads occur on Android, iOS app developers make the most cash. This can be considered professional and conical, and whether it’s worth launching your Android app depends entirely on the revenue-generating technologies you plan to use. Free apps make money from paid purchases, ads, and updates from the app. Of course, Android introduces your app to a larger user base worldwide, so this is a strong point in favor of the platform, especially if your app is designed for regional use.

Respond to screen size

Android is an open-source platform, therefore, the difference in screen size is not only limited to the shape of a smartphone and tablet but extends to cover various mobile phones built with the operating system. So it’s very important that your app provides a unified experience in different screen sizes.

Language support

As we discussed, the robot has a universal flavor largely because of its open-source nature and accessibility. Therefore, you need to be prepared to make your app available in regional languages for countries where Android has a large market presence to take advantage of the global market.

It’s not iOS, no clones

A common measure of cost savings and time travel published by Android app developers is the replication of the iOS app design and ease of use for the Android platform version of the app. The common features of the iOS app that reuse and forgo the Android app experience are the use of scandalous tabs at the bottom, using round rectangles for app icons, menus clicking right, and the button that appears on the screen.

Offline and online jobs

Apps that perform consistently in connection and Internet mode certainly have a limit because they allow the user to work even when they lose their Internet connection. If not all of them work, allow some key functions to work in the same way as offline so users don’t get frustrated.

A comfortable design and intuitive features are the backbones of any good app and with Android, its multifaceted devices become more imperative to pay attention to.


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