The best 4chan apps you’ll be able to use on your smartphones

The best 4chan apps you'll be able to use on your smartphones

The best 4chan apps you’ll be able to use on your smartphones

4 Chan is actually common for its cheap discussion threads, memos, and a few contentious grey stuff (which looks to be happening most of the time). If you’re doing 4chan bandeau rowse on your pc then you have got no drawback, however, 4chan mobile bandeau rows aren’t compatible whereas not AN app, the community has conjointly developed AN app specifically designed for mobile use. I conjointly found and created a listing of the most effective 4chan apps for automation. during this article, we have a tendency to area unit progressing to mention the most effective 4chan apps you’ll be able to use on your smartphones. Let’s get started!

4Chan vs Reddit – what’s the distinction between them?

Well, on the surface, 4Chan is really the same as Reddit. each area unit a discussion forum with old skool lets. However, in reality, they’ll not be additional totally different. Reddit may be a nickname that means your posts and comments area unit related to your username. The overwhelming majority of users area unit anonymous 4Chan.

Also, another necessary distinction is that 4chan has a picture board and loosely organized boards with their “subdivisions”. / a / suggests that animation board, / b / random, / nd / or virus racism, / VG / suggests that video games, actually.

The best 4chan apps you’ll be able to use on your smartphones


Chanu accustomed be essentially the most effective four-channel app within the Play Store, however, Google illegally the app in 2014 with very little rationalization. curiously, the antecedently mentioned trefoil was conjointly illegal in 2016. this means that Play Store bosses could have a haul with the content of 4Stan.

The Chanu app didn’t truly come to Google Play. it’ll solely be offered these days if you’re willing to sideload the app via F-Android or GitHub. whether or not it is the Play Store or not, it’s still the most effective automaton app for 4chan.

The app conjointly offers thread pursuit, watchlists, the power to start out new threads, support for favorite boards, and light-weight and dark themes. some way to transfer pictures from 4chan, and conjointly supports offline reading. making a thread is extremely straightforward, you simply click on the choices button on the proper. The new thread ‘. Your favorite boards may also be further to the list and therefore the app can send you a notification of this board’s common posts.


You do not need to be annoyed if you can’t get the proper pitch thus invest in an exceedingly smart chief. It conjointly supports 8chan, 420chan, Lainchan, and Wizardchan. Adding boards is extremely straightforward, you’ll be able to sort the name of the board or choose it from the list. currently, it may be confusing with boards from totally different websites. So, a little icon seems within the prime left corner of every board.

You can modify the layout and choose boards by dynamical the theme to point out the list visually or kind alphabetically. There area unit many modifications you’ll be able to create to customize the layout of the app, like text color, thumbnails, post style, etc. It controls however the app appearance and feels whenever you utilize it.

Tapping aboard masses its preferred posts. you’ll be able to modification the order and consider new comments or contentious posts, a bit like on the website. Click on the post and you may see replies and comments on individual tiles. sound on every tile shows the number of sub-replies you’ll be able to browse. It conjointly incorporates a dedicated four chan pass log enforced within the app, which is pretty cool.

Clover | 4chan apps

Clover essentially offers the nighest expertise of a true web site through AN app. You add the location universal resource locator and add it to your application. Boards may also be found on your dashboard. it’s a catalog mode, that displays threads showing neatness on even distant catalog things.

Creating a note is easy, and you’ll be able to continuously do that with a couple of nonobligatory entries. every time you post a thread, the app essentially asks you to enter a captcha to delete the bots. it’s totally straightforward to reply to folks on discussion boards, wherever you’ll be able to quote and kind the message. Simple.

Bookmarked threads may also be monitored and you may be notified of all updates. you’ll be able to conjointly set the behavior that essentially needs notification. you’ll be able to manage the situation of images and save them anyplace on your phone. By default, it’s muted for videos, and you’ll be able to conjointly close up spoiler labeled pictures.


Dash isn’t as common as alternative 4chan automaton apps we’ve got seen up to now, however, it’s still price looking for. It conjointly supports multiple imageboards, together with eight cha-chas, 55 chan, 410 chan, and over fifty tiny niche boards.

Like several alternative apps, Dashchan’s options embody filtered searches, favorite boards, video support, and in-line replies. sadly, WebM files aren’t truly supported.

Overscan | 4chan apps

This app essentially supports another imageboard besides 4chan. However, anyplace you look within the dash.

One of our favorite immoderate options is that the ability to line image boards’ preferences on a board-by-board basis. you’ll be able to create a video-heavy board show otherwise from the most text-based board.

4mm Catcher Reader

With the removal of Chanu, Mimi four Catcher Reader has become the best four Chan app within the Play Store. a number of its users could adore it over Omnichan.

The app is largely due to its straightforward navigation. you’ll be able to conjointly cluster multiple threads along exploiting the tab. you’ll be able to swipe any thread to open the browser read, swipe left or right to leap between threads, and make a choice from 3 totally different custom layout varieties.

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