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A trusted friend gave you an IPTV list to watch foreign satellite TV channels without using the dish but, once you got home, you realized that you were not able to use the list provided, not knowing the format or any applications needed to better manage it. Instead of calling your friend and bothering him for the umpteenth time in search of explanations, you would like to learn the techniques for using the list on your own, so you have opened Google for simple and practical instructions to complete your goal.

How do you say? Did I guess right? Perfect, then you are in the right place, at a time that couldn’t be better! In the guide that follows, in fact, I will show you how to load the IPTV list on a large number of devices, from televisions to consoles, in a few simple steps, so that you can enjoy the channels included in the list peacefully.

So, just take a couple of minutes of your time, make yourself comfortable and read very carefully everything I have to say on the subject: I’m sure that, at the end of the reading, you will be able to manage any IPTV list on TV (Smart and not), smartphone, PC, Mac and any other device compatible with the apps and programs that I am about to show you. Happy reading and have fun!

How to upload IPTV list to Smart TV

If you are planning to upload an IPTV list to Smart TV , then this is the most suitable section for you. Virtually all Smart TVs are designed for the use of apps that can manage any type of list; my advice is to go to the integrated store on your TV and check (or search for) any app that includes the wording IPTV in the name , evaluating the reviews, and then proceed with the installation in the manner provided by the device in your possession: if you need a hand, you can refer to my specific tutorial on the subject.

For example, on LG Smart TVs equipped with a webOS operating system , you can download the SS IPTV app , which offers a simple and immediate interface for managing lists. Search for the app in the LG Content Store, select it with the directional arrows on the remote control, and click on the Installation item to add it to the system.

At the end of the process, open the app, accept the license agreement for the user and, in the main interface, use the directional arrows on the remote control and the OK button to open the Settings menu (the gear icon, located at the top right). Once in the next screen, select (always using the directional arrows on the remote control) the item Content, then click on the Add button in the External Playlists tab.

At this point, a new empty field should appear at the top, called Playlist_X (instead of the X you will see a progressive number): all you have to do is select the latter and type in it the link of the IPTV list in your possession, using the on-screen keyboard.

Once the operation is complete, return to the main screen of the app to see the list just added: just select it and press the OK button on the remote control to see all the channels contained within it appear.

Unfortunately, as you can well imagine, I cannot give you precise indications for the apps dedicated to other Smart TV models, since there are so many of them. What I can tell you, however, is that the steps are – in principle – very similar to those I described above: to deepen the discussion on IPTV apps for Smart TVs, I suggest you read my guide on how to install IPTV on Smart TV.

How to upload IPTV list to Chromecast (and similar)

Is your TV not Smart or has no app to load IPTV lists? Don’t worry: you can use an Android smartphone or tablet to manage the list and cast the contents to the TV via the Chromecast. If you had never heard of it, it is an HDMI “key” produced by Google, useful for adding interesting features to televisions, Smart and otherwise. You can buy it directly from the official Google store at a price of 39 €.

Once you have obtained the Chromecast, connect it to a free HDMI port on the TV and configure it to access the home Wi-Fi network, following the instructions shown on the screen; if you need assistance, you can turn to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

Once the configuration is complete, you can view the contents of an IPTV list using an Android app called Web Video Cast, available for free on the Google Play Store. After installing and starting this app on the Android terminal at your disposal (which must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to which the Chromecast is connected), swipe on the left edge to open the side menu and tap on the item IPTV.

At this point, tap the (+) button located at the top of the menu to open the screen useful for adding a new list: type the address of the latter in the appropriate field, indicate a name with which to identify it, then do tap on Save to add it to the app.

At this stage, you need to connect the app to the Chromecast: to proceed, tap the Google Cast button at the top (a rectangle with three side waves ), select your Chromecast from the proposed list, and try to start one of the channels contained in your IPTV list, by tapping on it. If everything has been configured correctly, after a while the chosen channel will be played on the TV.

Note: you can use the same app to upload the IPTV list to other devices that act similarly to Chromecast (such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, for example) or to upload the list to a TV compatible with the DLNA protocol, taking care however to select the most suitable playback method from within the app.

How to upload IPTV list to Android TV Box

If you have a TV Box with an Android operating system, you can manage IPTV lists in a simple and effective way. How do you say? Not very practical and need a hand to connect it to the TV? Then I invite you to carefully read my guide to the operation of Android TV Boxes, to understand how to connect and how to make the most of the device you own.

The app I want to recommend to upload IPTV lists on Android TV Box is IPTV Extreme, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. For your information, this app is also available in the Pro version, priced at € 1.19, which removes all ads. If you have not yet associated a Google account with the Play Store of your TV Box, I recommend that you read my guide on how to activate the Play Store.

In all cases, once you have downloaded and installed the app in question, start it and select the Playlists item with the help of the directional arrows on the remote control, and then press the OK button. Once this is done, press the Add Playlist button located in the new window, select the File or Link Playlist item and indicate, in the appropriate fields, a name with which to identify the list and the relative link in your possession.

Once you have entered the necessary information, click on OK to add the list to the app: the channels of the list will now be accessible in the main program interface, also divided by categories (if this division is supported by the IPTV list ). To watch a channel, simply select it with the remote control and press the OK button.

How to upload IPTV list to console

Do you have a PlayStation 4 or  Xbox One connected to your TV and intend to use them to upload your IPTV list? In this section of the guide, I will show you how.

On PS4, unfortunately, there is no dedicated app to manage IPTV lists, but you can take advantage of a convenient Web player, accessible from a browser, such as the one offered by the OTTplayer site. To open the browser on the PlayStation 4, you have to look for the WWW symbol in the list of installed apps, start the associated app, press the  key on the pad to access the writing mode, and then type the http: // widget address., followed by pressing the Enter button, via the on-screen keyboard.

As soon as the site is visible, click on the pencil-shaped button (the one at the top right) and then on the (+ ) button to enter, in the appropriate section, the link of the IPTV list in your possession. Once the configuration is complete, click the OK button to return to the main interface of the site and access the channels contained in the list.

As for Xbox One, you can download the MyIPTV Player app, available in the Microsoft store (also reachable via this link ). If you don’t know how to install the app or, in general, you need a hand to set up the Microsoft Store, you can fix it by reading my guide on how to connect to Xbox Live.

Once the app is installed and started on the console, select the Settings item and, in the Remote channel list field, enter the link of the IPTV list and a name of your choice, then click on the Add remote list item. Once the setup is complete, you should see the channels directly in the app’s main interface.

How to upload IPTV list to computer

The easiest and fastest way to load the IPTV lists on a computer is by using the VLC program, compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, and available for free from the official website. If you need help installing this program, I recommend that you read my VLC Media Player guide.

At the end of the installation, open the program, click on the View menu and then on the Playlist item to display the playlist screen (the one in which the channels will appear, once the list has been added to the program), then click on the Media menu and, later, on the item Open network stream.

In the window that appears on the screen, click on the text field under the entry Enter a network URL and type the address of your IPTV list, then click on Play to start loading and playing the list.

If everything went well, the channels in the list will be visible in the playlist screen, while the channels being played will be displayed in the main VLC screen. To change the channel, simply double click on the desired program, present in the playlist.

Note: If you want your playlist appears in a separate window, then, that it is not “attached” to the VLC main screen, make sure the item View > hooked ladder has no checkmark.

How to upload IPTV list on smartphones and tablets

In this part of the guide I intend to show you some of the most useful apps for uploading the IPTV list in your possession on smartphones and tablets: of course, the screen rendering may not be superlative, but it is always good to be prepared for a sudden desire to stream when you are away from home!


If you intend to play the IPTV list on an Android device, you can safely rely on the IPTV Extreme app, the same one that I reported to you in the section relating to Android TV Boxes: since the operation is identical, I invite you to read the previous section of the guide to know the steps required to make it work.

If IPTV Extreme does not satisfy you, you can give the IPTV app an opportunity, also downloadable for free from the Google Play Store. After starting it, tap on the (+) button located at the top right, or on the Add playlist item located in the center of the app, then press the Add URL item and finally fill in the required fields ( name and link to the list) and, finally, tap the OK button to view the list inside the app, ready to be used.


If you have an iPhone or an iPad, the best app to upload the IPTV list is definitely IPTV Easy, available for download from the App Store, or by searching for it in the App Store.

Once the app has been installed and started on the device in your possession, provide consent to send notifications and, once in the main interface, tap the (+) button in the lower right corner. At this point, fill out the proposed form by entering a name to assign to the list and the URL of the same and, to finalize everything, tap the Add button. You can access the channels included in the list by going to the Channels section or, alternatively, to the Playlist section.

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