How to convert IPTV lists from M3u format to XML!

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n Hello every one, here we are again with a new guide, today I will show you how to convert IPTV lists from the classic M3U format to XML and use them on KODI.

The guide is very simple and intuitive, you will only need a text editor, for example, TextEdit for the Mac and the dear Notepad for WINDOWS.

Of course, you also need your own list IPTV format M3U, I did a quite a dedicated article on the best sites where you can find the lists.

Why convert M3u lists to XML?

As previously mentioned, the M3U format lists you will find online are used by a lot of people, so the problem of buffering is always around the corner.

The solution to having stable lists is to convert the M3U file into XML, but be careful: the XML format does not always guarantee a fluid view but greatly reduces the problem of blocks.

How to convert IPTV M3u lists to XML

As always, a necessary clarification:

Before starting I remind everyone that using IPTV LISTS to watch copyright protected channels is a crime punishable by law. does not want in any way to incite piracy, this guide has been written for information purposes only.

Now let’s see how to perform this very simple operation, that is to convert the lists from the M3u format to XML.

  • After retrieving your  IPTV LIST, copy all its content, or only the one in Italian if you want to see only the channels of our territory:

How to convert IPTV lists from M3u format to XML!

Well, now go to this site and copy the content in the left window:

How to convert IPTV lists from M3u format to XML!

At this point click on the ” Convert ” button you see on your left and copy all the text generated in the right window:

How to convert IPTV lists from M3u format to XML!


  • Now open your  Notepad if you are in Windows, or Textedit if you are in a Mac environment .
  • Paste everything into a new document and save it with the file name.xml for example.
  • The name does not matter, use whatever you want, it is important that the extension is .xml
  • Now you are ready to use it in KODI  thanks to the ADD-ON LiveStreamPro !

How to install LiveStreamPro in Kodi

To install this precious ADD-ON we will do with the usual method, that is, we will use the excellent Repository of the  ANDROIDABA TEAM.

  • Start  KODI, go to SYSTEM  ( second icon at the top left if you are on KODI 17 ), and click on FILE MANAGEMENT  ( last icon for KODI 17 ).
  • Double click on ADD SOURCE.
  • Click on <None>, enter the URL, and click on DONE.
  • Rename the new source to ABA REPO.
  • KODI 16: go back to the home and click on SYSTEM / ADD-ON / INSTALL FROM A.ZIP FILE
  • KODI 17: go back to the home and click on ADD-ON / (first icon at the top left ) / INSTALL FROM A.ZIP FILE
  • Click on ABA REPO  /
  • Wait for the notification confirming the LiveStreamPro installation.

How to convert IPTV lists from M3u format to XML!

How to upload XML files with LiveStreamPro

Now that you have LiveStreamPro installed in KODI, let’s see how to upload your list converted to XML:

  • Go to Add-On> Add-On Video.
  • Right click on LiveStreamPro> Settings .
  • Now on the screen that opens click on ” Add Source “.
  • Upload your file that you previously saved by clicking on “ Choose File “.

How to convert IPTV lists from M3u format to XML!

Now click on ” Add Source ” right below and give your list a name, for example, “TV”.

How to convert IPTV lists from M3u format to XML!

  • Click on “OK” to finish the list loading procedure, and again “OK” on the following window.
  • Great, now all you have to do is open LiveStreamPro and your list will load automatically.

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