Games like 2048 are great and great

Games like 2048 are great and great

Games like 2048 are great and great

‘2048’ is a very popular maths puzzler that really challenges the intelligence of its players. However, the main introduction of the game is very easy to understand and mastering takes a lot of skills from its players. The game actually exploded in the market overnight and cemented its place in the video gaming industry due to its addiction. In this article, we are going to talk about games like 2048, which are great and big. Let’s get started!

Now if you are one of those people who are afraid of math, we highly recommend you to check out this or some other games on this list. They tend to make the subject really interesting. There are cases where people like the subject more than they are afraid of it. It makes for an extremely fun and educational experience. That said, here is a list of video games similar to our recommended 2048. You can play games like PS2048, Xbox One, Xbox 4, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac, or even 360 online.

Games like 2048 are great and great

Merge shoot n

‘Shoot N Merge’ is basically an innovative take on the gameplay style of ‘2048’ in which you need to shoot numbers to get high scores. Instead of gridlock of numbers, you are given the control of a line board, which you can click to shoot numbers on a specific line. If you can shoot the right number, you will score points for that shot. The main goal of the game is to keep playing to avoid losing your score multipliers, and also to let the blocks go down to the floor. Each correct shot will merge the blocks together, allowing you to take more shots.

However, the introduction to the game is very simple and the gameplay can be really addictive at times. As you progress, you can collect many upgrades with such inspiring aesthetics. However, add plenty of immersion in the gameplay as well. This is another fun little maths puzzler you can play if you are looking for something similar to ‘2048’. It’s currently available on the Android and iOS Play Store and can be downloaded right now for your handheld device.

Age 2048 | Games like 2048

‘2048’ ‘Age of 2048’ is a unique take on the Maths Pussler category. The game is actually a cross between city builders and math puzzles, in which several tiles need to be mixed and matched to move forward through the ages. Similar to ‘2048’, you will be given a grid at the beginning of the game; But none of them have numbers. Instead, there are building structures that you need to match together to unlock other tiles.

Upgrade as soon as you merge two tiles of the same type. If you merge two similar buildings of the Stone Age, they form a new tile that incorporates a building from the Classic era. There are a total of 6 different eras: Stone Age, Classical Age, Medieval Age, Industrial Age, Global Age, and Space Age. The main goal is to start from the Stone Age and continue to match the tiles unless you have completed the moves or all 9 have actually progressed into the space age.

There are many items available to help you get out of tough places like the Magic Wand, which removes a tile and creates an empty space for you. We highly recommend it to everyone who loves tactical experiments like ‘2048’, mainly because of its addictive and unique gameplay elements.

Died 2048

Zombies have attacked and you need to protect your space, Toro is building a tower in this tower building in 2048 combination. A farm has 16 blocks and a gate to the Zombies’ entrance. You must swipe the defense towers and merge them to create a barrier to catch the zombies on the other side. You need to use resources carefully so as not to clutter the tower with unnecessary tiles. There will be times when a zombie epidemic attacks the towers. You can kill zombies by putting up a tower.

Whenever you play something like ‘2048’, it indicates that you are heading in the right direction. It’s as easy as losing your last move because it’s extremely frustrating because it’s on your first. Actually, this is also one of the reasons why I put this game at the top of the list. Now that you know about it, there is nothing stopping you from playing this title, and then you too will be ruined. We suggest you try this at your own pace as it does not sound like ‘2048’ peace.

2048 bricks

Well, the Tetris effect is real, you can see it, and it’s deceived into 2048, I must say it is the best in both worlds. Instead of tetromino, you get a square tile that actually falls to the bottom. Your goal is to merge tiles of equal value and move on to 2048 tiles. Tiles fall from the top, which is like Tetris, and you must immediately clear the space before the tiles reach the top of your game. I can not put enough pressure to press the play button, play it now.

Hexic 2048 | Games like 2048

‘Hexik 2048’ is a fun little spin-off to the original ‘2048’ game that slightly changes the board to make a big difference in the gameplay. However, it is a very simple concept to start with and the effects it has on the actual gameplay style are actually beyond comparison. ‘Hexik 2048’ transforms the board from a square one to a hexagonal one and loosens all hell. However, the most complex and credible results are absolutely ridiculous and boundless. Well, the whole game really understands what a simple change can do, and ‘Hexik 2048’ is a clear example of this.