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Convert a website into an Android app

The best way to retain visitors to your website or blog is to provide them with access to the content you offer and one good way to do so is to create an app that they can install on their Android smartphones or tablets and that you can even distribute on Google Play.

Start creating your app

Convert a website into an Android app

To create your app for Android you will not need to master any programming language. All you will need is a browser, an Internet connection, and no more than 20 minutes. Incredible but true!

As we said, the only thing you will need to create your own app is a browser and an Internet connection, so the first step will be to open the browser and access AppsGeyser , which will turn your website into an Android app.

Then, click on the button Create now! Then, choose a template that will serve as the basis for the structure that your app will have. In this case, go to the Web tab and use the Website template.

Add your content

The next step is to add the content from your website to the app.

To do this, type the URL of your website or blog in the Website URL box . Press on the smartphone screen to see a preview of what the content will look like. Click on Next to continue.

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Then enter a name for the app. This name can be the name of your website.

When you’re done, click Next and write a description of the characteristics of the content that you offer in your app. You can follow the existing scheme. Then click Next to continue.

Now, choose an icon for your app. You can keep the default, or check the Custom icon option and click on Upload to add your own logo and create a much more personalized app. Continue with Next.

These simple steps have been enough to create your app. Now click on the Create App button to create the APK file that will install the app on your Android device.

Next, you need to create an account on the AppsGeyser service. From this account, you can download, manage and modify your app. 

When you complete the registration of your user account, you will be able to download the app on your computer or mobile device.

To do so, click on Download or scan the QR code with your device using a suitable QR code reader app.

Remember that, since the app has not been downloaded from Google Play, to install it on your Android you must enable the Unknown sources (or Unknown sources ) option on your device, which you will find in the Security section of the Settings menu of your Android.

Expand your App

Convert a website into an Android app

Once you have created your app, you can modify or update it to add improvements.

You can, for example, add a tab that shows the videos from your YouTube channel. These improvements are made from the Edit tab.

Access the Tabs section and click on Add Tab. Next, choose the YouTube type.

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Then, add the URL of your YouTube channel in the URL or a search term box, choose a theme for the tab’s button colors, write the text that will appear on the tab and, if you want, add an icon. In the preview, you can see what it will look like. 

When you’re done, click Submit and the new tab will be added to your app.

You can download the new version of your app from the Dashboard tab.

Distribute your app

Creating an Android app for your website is not enough. The most important thing is still missing: the distribution of your app so that it reaches the largest number of users possible.

AppsGeyser is responsible for facilitating the necessary process to publish your app on Google Play, Amazon AppStore, or any other alternative Android market, as well as providing you with the download code so that you can insert it on your page and your visitors can also download the app from there.

Publish your app on Google Play or any other Android Market, you just need to follow the steps indicated by the AppsGeyser wizard.

From the Publish tab, in addition to finding several QR codes that you can insert on your page so that your visitors can download your app, you can also choose the Market where you want to publish your app. For example, if you want to do it on Google Play, click on the Publish button in that section and follow the steps of the wizard by checking the boxes of the requirements that your app must meet to be accepted on Google Play.

Add screenshots of the app showing how it works. To be able to publish on Google Play you will need a developer account that you can create from the link that the wizard provides and following its instructions you can send your app to Google Play.

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